CS-007 Repairing a carbon-steel pipeline 11 meters above the ground

Repairing a tee using composites needs a special training program. During Level-1 training courses applied by CTE BV applicants will be trained according ISO 24817 and/or ASME PCC-2 standards. If applied correctly the number of layers over the defected area should count 4-8 layers. In this case one of the girth welds needed to be strengthen by applying a carbon fiber and epoxy composite repair. This operation is a very common activity that trained installers perform daily.


The particular challenge in this case was working at height and with a High Temperature solution. Access to the repair area was complicated due to the lack of being able to bring in aerial platform equipment. Scaffolding was the only possibility for the installers to save repair the tee. Although the cost for scaffolding and other safety precautions did increase operational costs, the composite repair was preferred above replacing this part of the pipe. Finally the high ROI (Return on Investment) did decide management to carry out the repair.

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