Rigid composite coils are the oldest and most proven wraps in the industry. It is a common way to wrap a straight line by PermaWrap®. With the revolutionary Weldwrap® even girth welds can be wrapped safely and cost effective. PermaWrap™ and WeldWrap™
are the only composite pipeline repair sleeve designed to be detected by MFL “Smart Pig” tools. Both products are ISO TS-24817 / ASME PCC-2 / CSA / DOT Compliant. Case studies and references are available.
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The standard rigid coil system PermaWrap® comes in 5 different widths, suitable for pipe diameters from 4” up to 60”. The most used width is 12” wide and has 8-layers. It can be used for most of the defects in transmission pipelines. In case a defect is smaller, a 6” wide or a 9” wide PermaWrap® can be installed. A cost effective solution. If a defect is bigger, PermaWrap® 15” or 18” will suit your needs, without installing two 12” wide sleeves. The unique feature of PermaWrap® is the fact the sleeve is magnetically detectable. It will become a standard solution for a permanent repair with external wall loss up to 80%. Please download the Technical Data Sheet of PERMAWRAP® here.
Girth welds and rigid coil systems are not a good combination. In current practice several sleeves have to be installed for one repair to make it a compliant repair. This is not only costly be also time consuming. WeldWrap® is the solution in these situations. With its superior laminate construction WeldWrap® will repair the girth weld with one single rigid coil system. All features and compliances of PermaWrap® are also applicable to WeldWrap®. Please download the Technical Data Sheet of WELDWRAP® here.
PermaWrap® Pipe Support
In many instances external corrosion of pipes above ground occurs between the pipe and its support. The ideal place where condensate or rain can easily collect and create the damage. The FiberGlass Shoe is one of the available simple and cheap solutions. A great alternative is PermaWrap® Pipe Support kit. The width of these kits vary from 6” up to 18” and come in a 2-layer or a 4-layer configuration for the bigger widths.