CS-011 Floating roof repair of the crude oil tank

Tank parks are located all over the world. Many of these tanks contain crude oil or derivates of oil. Characteristic for these tanks is the floating roof. This floating roof moves up and down in relation to the volume of the tank. These roofs are subject of corrosion attack. Holes due to corrosion in these roofs need to be fixed for safety reasons.


Oil storage tanks are huge and the floating roof of a tank can have a wingspan of tens of meters. Wrapping the complete roof would be a ridiculous task and a very costly operation. Also hot work in these areas is not possible because of the flammable and explosive materials in the tank. In such cases we will perform the repairs by using a combination of plates, to cover the holes glued to the roof itself, and carbon cloth patches. Also here Putty (compressive modulus filler) and Primer are applied prior installing the carbon patches. Preparation of the roof is done by using pneumatic tools to roughen the surface.

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