CS-012 High pressure transmission pipeline of natural gas tee reinforcement

Transmission pipelines are widespread. Most of these pipelines you are not aware of, because they are located underground or at the bottom of the sea. Gas and Oil are typical media transported via transmission pipelines. It is crucial to keep these lines in perfect condition as many times high pressure is involved. This infrastructure also includes block valve stations (BVS) at certain distances. Equipment located in these stations need good maintenance. Inspection discovered welded joints on the gas transmission pipeline did show a high-level degradation. Immediate action was required.


The repair challenge in this case was to strengthen the affected weld of a reducing tee (from 18- to 2-inch) at a pressure close to 100 bar. Wrapping a normal tee already is a job that needs to be performed by a trained installer. Wrapping a tee with this large difference in diameter requires even more skills. Together with the client we have designed a flower wrap. This case study will provide you with some inside.

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