CS-009 Additional reinforcement of the pipeline diameter of DN530 mm

The operator of the high-pressure crude oil pipeline requested additional protection due to the planned construction of a motorway above this 20-inch line. The pipeline should be strengthened for a length of 40-meters.


Wrapping a pipeline of such a diameter for 40 meters is a job that requires good organization. A blasted and clean surface of the pipeline should be wrapped as soon as possible to avoid flash rust. Irregular surfaces will be treated by a Putty, a compressive modulus filler, followed by applying the Primer for an optimal adhesion between the wrap and the pipeline. The process of mixing and setting of these two-component epoxies is irreversible. The surface still needs to be a bit sticky when the impregnated carbon cloth is wrapped around the pipe. The whole process should be performed in steps and the team leader should keep all crew members busy during the installation.

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