CS-008 Repairing dents in an underground carbon-steel pipeline

Dents in transmission pipelines are a common problem that need to be fixed as soon as possible. Dents will make the pipeline in that particular area weaker. There is a chance of crack forming or even creation of a hole if the dents are not properly repaired. CTE BV is working with epoxy composites and carbon fiber cloth to save repair the pipeline. Compressive Modular Filler (CMF) is applied to bring back the dent area in it’s normal shape. The carbon fiber cloth in combination with epoxy composites will bring back the integrity of the pipe after curing. The case study explains how to approach a dent defect in your pipeline. The repair is performed according the standard ISO 24817.


The repair has to take place under pressure to push out the dent as much as possible before applying the CMF putty and carbon fiber wrap. Often natural gas pipelines are buried and access is only allowed when the installer did receive a confined space training.

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