Our leak sealant materials offer a great solution. However, leak sealing requires skills and experience. Limits are often being imposed by circumstances related to a particular repair. Be aware to stop the leak before proceeding wrapping. It should be done by a trained operator. Check out our TRAINING SERVICES or get in CONTACT TO LEARN MORE

Carbon clamps

The carbon clamp provided by Carbon Tech Europe is a universal leak sealing solution for active leakages in up to 20 bar pipelines transporting liquids and/or gases. Thanks to its low profile of 18 mm the carbon clamp can be installed together with Revowrap [link] and/or our Fiberglass solutions [link]. The different pieces (lengths vary from 2” up to 8”) can be connected in any combination. 

As the number of pieces that are to be connected is not limited, the carbon clamp can be successfully installed on any pipes starting from 4” in diameter. Each connection of pieces gives 2.5 cm regulation in terms of the length of the clamp. The combination of the fast-curing epoxy and rubber tapes provides a solid approach to stop the leak.

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Steel Putty Stick

Steel Putty is a hand mixable, room-temperature curing, epoxy putty stick specifically formulated to bond and repair materials that will be exposed to high temperatures in industrial maintenance applications. It bonds tenaciously to metals and cures robust, with nearly no shrinkage. This industrial class product far outperforms conventional epoxy putties at high temperatures in lap shear tensile strength testing. Each stick contains pre-measured portions of base and activator. No measuring or mixing tools are needed – just cut, mix and apply. When mixed to a uniform color, the combined materials form a polymer compound that can be molded and shaped into a variety of forms and repairs. 

Shelf life: One year minimum from date of shipment when stored in container at ambient temperature.

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Sealing Tape

Sealing Tape is a strong self-vulcanizing silicone band, free of glue. The strong bond that Sealing Tape creates, provides a waterproof, durable seal. We offer small tape of 3m length and 25 mm wide, and big tape of 10m length and 50mm wide.

Rapid sealing, no drying required This flexible tape can be used on any type of material of the pipe and as well on any surface, including moist, warm, dirty or greasy surfaces. The tape can be used both for temporary and permanent applications. It does not leave marks after removal. The tape can also be used under water. Due to the silicone carrier, the tape is characterized by excellent resistance to many chemical substances such as: oils, acids, solvents, saltwater, UV radiation and extreme temperatures. We recommend the use of tape in combination with the Steel Putty Stick. After using the putty stick to stop the leak you use the sealing tape to wrap around the pipe and ensures that the putty gets deep into the hole of the defect.

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For higher pressures - up to 35 bar - the new developed Revostrap might be the option. This smart system is light weight, cost effective and easy to apply. The different plugs can cope with low to higher pressures and different temperatures.

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Spitze HP clamp

The Spitze HP clamp is engineered and manufactured in accordance with ASME VIII Div 1 for the temporary repair of live high-pressure leaks (up to 150 bar operational) without having to shut down or isolate the system.
The low-profile standoff height of the clamp is intended for a composite overwrap using any of the Revowrap systems for long terms repairs. The Spitze HP clamp is resistant to the harsh chemical environment prevalent in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Working temperatures between -60°C to 380°C.
See the application in this video

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Spitze HP clamp.