Installers get trained how to place a composite wrap by using cloth (Carbon, FiberGlass) or rigid coils. Carbon Tech advises installers to be included in the preparation of the substrate prior to wrap. Before the wrapped device will go fully back to service some measures need to be taken by proper tools. Finally, inspection activities will may benefit from the tools Carbon Tech can provide.

Pre-installation preparation tools

Pre-installation preparation tools include
- Pit Depth Gage
- Elcometer 124
- Testex Tape (50 tests)
- Temperature Gage
- Magnetic Thermometer
- Hygrometer

These tools are used to have an indication of the defect (depth, size, etc.). Furthermore, the Testex Tapes will measure the profile of the surface of the substrate itself. Carbon Tech advises NACE-2 or equivalent (SSPC-SP-10
or SA-2.5). The Thermometer and Hygrometer are used during the installation of the wrap.

Post-installation tools

Post-installation tools include
- Shore D Hardness Tester

After curing the wrap the hardness of the epoxy needs to be tested. The minimum Shore D hardness after curing should be 74. This normally will be achieved overnight. To accelerate the curing and maximise the result the use of REVOMAT is recommended but not necessary for installation of Revowrap 110™.

Inspection tools

Inspection tools include
- Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge

There are many Ultrasonic devices on the market, but their use is often limited, or not suitable for specific use cases. This Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge has been tested in house with carbon wrapped samples. It can easily measure up to 4-layers of carbon. Measuring the wall thickness of the substrate under 6-8 layers of carbon is even possible, given the right use (for instance, the measuring spot needs to be flat). Please feel free to ask for advise on the use of these tools.