CS-006 Extending the lifetime of a pipeline with ten years in 48 hours

Flare lines at refineries often suffer from corrosion. These lines are crucial for the refinery as these systems are used for safe disposal of waste gases by burning them under controlled conditions. Imagine the mixture of chemistry these lines face. Very susceptible for corrosion attacks, mainly internally but also external. The often high temperatures of the medium also accelerate corrosion. Blasting, cleaning and wrapping the lines by applying composite materials is a way to extend the lifetime. Composite materials have strong capabilities and it’s a durable and environmentally accepted method for repair. The engineered repair applied can withstand a 100% wall loss situation of a certain diameter.


In this particular case blasting the pipe was not an option. The crew had to roughen and clean the flare line sections by hand(tools). In many instances a Bristle Blaster® of Monti may be the solution. Surface preparation is a key part of a successful wrapping project.

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